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To make good wine you need a good wine kit so coming to Stonehelm was a good idea. We have a large range of pure varietal wine kits that come from all over the world. The vineyards of France, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Italy, Spain and California are no exception, producing fantastic grape juice for us to ferment into superb wines that anyone would be proud of. The best wine can only be made from great grapes preserved perfectly in a superior kit. The list below explains the difference between the types of kit to help you make the right choice. Once you have found the quality you are looking for click the link to see the different varieties available.

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Popular wine kits

High Qaulity

Wine Expert

10 litres of high quality grape juice concentrate gives you smooth wines with body and complexity. Not only do they guaranty the grape variety used but also the country they were grown in. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Chilean Carmenere, Australian Cabernet Shiraz and so on. Makes 30 bottles.
Winexpert Kits

Selection Kits


Made in the UK out grape juice concentrate from around the globe, Beaverdale's contain 6 litres of grape juice concentrate to makes 30 bottles. Impressive wine kits that pack a lot of punch.
Beaverdale Kits

Beaverdale Kits

Cellar 7

The perfect speedy, rack filling kit. All the usual easy drinking varieties brought together in a wine kit that only takes 7 days to make. Makes 30 bottles
Cellar 7 Kits

Cellar 7 Kits

6 Bottle Wine Kits

Wine kits by make

BeaverdaleCellar 7
On The HouseWinexpert


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