Liqueur Kits

The world of first class liqueurs lies at your feet! All you need is a spirit base kit from world leaders Alcotec or Vinland to make amazing 20% neutral alcohol, similar to half strength Vodka. Flavour this with the impressive Prestige Essences for a great tasting result! Prestige essences also work wonders when added to full strength vodka type spirits, whether home made or commercial.

The spirit base:

Kits to make spirit base that can be enjoyed neat distilled to make full strength spirit or flavoured with essences, see below.

The Essences: Liqueurs

Liqueur essences make great drinks that can be mixed or consumed solo. They taste great and are so easy to make! Just take a bottle of spirit base (see above) or vodka, add the essence and any sugar required, shake, and Bingo! your liqueur is ready. As with most homemade drinks these liqueurs will improve with a bit of ageing.

Prestige Liqueur Essences

Prestige Toffee
Flavours a 750 ml bottle of alcohol.
Prestige After Hours
After Hours
A social drink with the delicate flavour of chocolate mint. Serve well cooled in a shot glass or use as a mixer.
Flavours a 750ml bottle of alcohol

The Essences: Spirits

Spirit Essences excellent drinks that have the same great taste that we've come to expect from Prestige but this time they work their magic on full strength spirits. You can make use these essences with half strength spirit base (see above) but for best results you'll need to use full strength distilled spirit or commercial vodka. As always simply mix and drink!

Looking for something fast fun and fruity? Enter the Alco-Shot! These great self contained boxes are small and easy to handle but when used produce a whopping 120 shots of fruity madness. The perfect gift, these little kits require no previous experience and no extra equipment and yield an party crashing result in just 5 days! For best effect serve ice cold in our frosty shot party glass set.


Sommelier Frosty Shot Set (4 glasses)
Frosty Shot Set (4 glasses)
4 acrylic double-walled shot glasses filled with sterilized water. Place upside down in freezer until frozen. Take out and fill with your desired spirit for perfect ice cold shots!


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