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Lalvin Wine Yeast RC212 (BBE 04-2024) 5 g
Wine Yeast, RC212 (BBE 04-2024)

Has a Best Before Date of APR 2024

Use for producing red wines of smooth character and balanced structure.
The Bourgovin RC 212 strain was selected from fermentations produced in the Burgundy region by the Bureau interprofessionnel des vins de Bourgogne (BIVB). It was selected for its ability to ferment a traditional heavier-style Burgundian Pinot Noir.
The RC 212 is recommended for red varieties where full extraction is desired. Lighter red varieties also benefit from the improved extraction while colour stability is maintained throughout fermentation and aging. Aromas of ripe berry and fruit are emphasized while respecting pepper and spicy notes.
An excellent choice for both young & aged red wines.
  • Starting Speed: Moderate
  • Fermenting Speed: Moderate
  • Temperature Range: 18-30°C
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 16%
  • Nutrient Requirement: Medium
  • Dosage: 5g in 12.5-25 litres
Net Weight: 5 g
Tags: Pinot NoirPortMadeira


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