Homebrew Starter Kits

If you are keen to start brewing but do not have any kit then consider one of the all-in-one options below. With their thorough instructions they are perfect for beginners. They are all encompassing so you just need the one box and you’re off, making them a great choice of present for anyone you would like to introduce to this fascinating hobby.

Beer Making Starter Kit

Stonehelm Beer Making Equipment Bundle 40pt
Beer Making Equipment Bundle
Equipment and sundries needed to make beer from beer kits. Just choose a beer kit (ingredients pack) to go with it to make your first batch of beer. Intended for use with glass beer bottles, either new or used. Sterilizer is included to clean out previously used beer bottles, or if numbers are low, new packs can be bought.

Find beer kits here. There are lots of styles, Bitters, Lagers, Ciders, Belgians,,, everything is an option.

All the equipment is reusable. You just need another beer kit to make subsequent batches.
Capacity: 40pt


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Six bottle starter kit