Brupaks Vacuum Packed Hops Target (UK)

Brupaks Vacuum Packed Hops Target (UK) 100 g
Brupaks Vacuum Packed Hops
Target (UK) (2841)
Target is by far the most widely grown variety in Britain due to its heavy cropping, excellent resistance to disease and high alpha acid content. It now takes up almost a third of the total acreage although this is sure to decrease as the new dwarf varieties become more popular. Although recognised by some brewers as an aroma hop, Target is at its best in the copper for the production of beers with a low bitterness. Commercially, Target is used extensively in keg beers for economical reasons. Its powerful flavour would be overwhelming in more assertive brews. Used with discretion in combination with fine aroma hops, however, excellent Bitters and Pale Ales can be produced.
Alpha Acid 10.5 - 11.5%
Net Weight: 100 g

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