People often think of sugar as something to make food tastier. In actuality it has a very wide number of benefits for example it provides energy for the body, it is the result of the chemical reaction in plants. For us however, it is what makes fermentation happen. It is the yeast working on the sugar, which may be added separately or that already contained within the malt or fruit which causes the alcohol to be produced. There are different structures, despite having the same molecular formula, that affect the physical properties of the sugar. Thus there are various types of sugar such as glucose, which is sometimes called dextrose and fructose, which is sometimes called levulose. Sugar formed by the action on malt on starch is called maltose  whereas lactose (milk sugar) occurs in milk. Then there are barley and corn sugar or Syrups. Two sugars that are keen to the beer maker are white and brown Belgian Candi Sugar .

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