Advanced Alpha Acid Calculator

Example 3


A recipe calls for 2oz of Hallertauer Hersbrucker at 4.9%.

You have a packet of Tettnang at 2.3% and would like to try a 50/50 slip between it and the Hersbrucker (which you also have at the original recipes alpha acid of 4.9%).

You know you want to add the same amount of each hop but with two different alpha acids how much actually is it to achieve the same bitterness as the original recipe?


Use the Advanced Alpha Acid Calculator

Fill in the facts that you know.

4.9 and 2 go into the 'Original Alpha Acid' and 'Original Weight' boxes respectively.

Click the 'Add New Hop' button.

4.9 goes into the 'Alpha Acid' of the first 'New Hop' and 2.3 goes into the 'Alpha Acid' of the second 'New Hop'.

Click the 'Split' button. This indicates that you wish to share the quantity with the last 'New Hop'.

Click the 'Calculate' button.


The two 'New Hop' weights now both fill themselves in telling us that we need 1.36oz of Hersbrucker and 1.36oz of Tettnang to achieve the bitterness of the original recipe.



Advanced alpha acid calculator example 3

Note: In this example we used ounces to start with and so the answers are returned in ounces. It does not matter which measurement you use so long as it is always the same.

These examples are designed to show the various features of the advanced alpha acid calculator but do not cover every scenario it is useful for. It is possible to use combinations of the above e.g. Turning one hop into two hops but then running out half way through or Turning three hops into five hops and then 'Even Splitting' them or maybe 'Even Splitting just three of them.