Advanced Alpha Acid Calculator

Example 1


A recipe calls for 35g of Challenger hops at 7.6% alpha acid.

Using a packet of Challenger at 7.9% alpha acid you begin to weigh out the hops.

The packet runs out and the scale only reads 25g.

You reach for your spare packet of Challengers to find that there alpha acid is considerably higher, at 8.7%. So how much extra should we use?


Use the Advanced Alpha Acid Calculator

Fill in the facts that you know.

The hops that the recipe called for go into the 'Original Alpha Acid' and 'Original Weight' boxes (7.6 and 35 respectively).

Click the 'Add New Hop' button.

Next enter the alpha acid of the part packet and how much their was (7.9 and 25).

Last add the alpha acid of the of the new packet of hops (8.7).

Click the 'Calculate' button.


The weight of the last hop fills itself in with the amount needed to achieve the total bitterness of the recipe (in this case just short of 8g).



Advacned alpha acid calculator example 1


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