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Bob The Brewer
Bob The Brewer

Here's another little tool for you. This will let you calculate how much vodka or neutral alcohol to use to make a specific strength liqueur.

Original Spirit%abvml
Target Liqueur:%abvml

How to use


You want to make Cherry brandy, you know that you need to use cherries, sugar and brandy and it is supposed to be 25%abv when finished. But how much brandy should you add?

How to:

First enter the abv of the brandy that are going to use, then enter your target abv and then the target volume i.e. the size of the bottle of Cherry Brandy that you are making. Press calculate and presto! the Original Spirit box is now filled in showing you that you need to use.

Screen shot help


Original spirit (Brandy) = 40%
Target Liqueur = 25% (Cherry Brandy)
Target Volume = 750ml (wine bottle)
Result = 468ml of brandy

To make:

mix the brandy with the cherries and sugar, top up with water to 750ml for a wine bottle full of your own 25%abv brandy!

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