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Alpha Acid Calculator

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Hops are natural produce whose bitterness can vary slightly from season to season. It is possible to tell how bitter hops are by observing the alpha acid % on the packet. The higher the percentage the more bitter, and so less is needed to achieve the same bitterness.

In order to achieve consistent results use the tool below to determine how much hops to use.


How to use


I normally use 40g grams of hops at 4% alpha acid. But my new hops are 4.6% alpha acid.

How much do I need to use now?

Enter the three known variables into the three boxes.

Image showing the Alpha Acid Calculator filled in.

Click calculate and the new weight of hops appears underneath.


Please note you do not have to work in grams. Use any measurement you like and the answer is returned in the same.

If you are half way through weighing them out and you realize you do not have enough use the Advanced Alpha Acid Calculator.


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