Woodforde's Norfolk Real Ale Kits are produced using only the finest natural ingredients and are based on Woodforde's original grist formulation. Made with the brewery's own choice of hops, the beer you brew will compare most favourably to its commercial equivalent. Regional variations in water quality may have a subtle influence on the taste of the final brew.

The Champion beer kits from Woodfordes are produced at ceder maltings by Muntons under special license and quality controls to ensure that the brewer gains all the power of these classic beers.

The Woodfordes range is our most popular no sugar kits and are appreciated where ever they are tasted.


The Woodfordes Range

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Headcracker Light Barley Wine Nelsons Revenge Strong Ale Nog: Porter Style Wherry, Best Bitter Woodfordes Sundew Beer Kit 3.0 kg







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