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Founded in the mid-1980s, Winexpert now manufactures a total of eight wine kit brands, including Selection, its premium 15 litre, 6-week brand, and Island Mist, an exciting refreshment beverage product line offering natural fruit flavour pairings with varietal wines.
In addition, the company offers up the industry's largest and most respected limited release program with Selection Limited Edition, with four premium wines available one-time only, released one per month starting in January.
Much of Winexpert's continued success is based on its unwavering commitment to quality and innovation in its philosophy of manufacturing the absolute top quality brands possible. This is achieved through careful attention to detail at all levels in Winexpert's manufacturing process, from the grapes in the vineyard right through to the product on the shelf. Though it has earned the reputation for the highest quality, most consistent product on the market, Winexpert continually strives to push the envelope on what can be achieved with home winemaking products. Click for a complete pictorial on the Winexpert Quality Story .  

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Winexpert Ranges that Stonehelm Supplies:

Selection Estate Crushendo

Selection Estate

Selection International


Selection Speciale

Vinters Reserve World Vineyard

Vinters Reserve

Island Mist

Chai Maison

All of Winexperts Wine kits produce high quality wines, none of these kits require the addion on sugar.