Wine Kits

Wine kits are packs of ingredients required to make wine. They contain an amount of concentrate (normally grape concentrate, though there are country wine kits as well), yeast, stabilizers, and clearing agents. Wine kits are clearly divided into kits that require the addition of sugar, and no sugar kits that do not.

To make a a wine kit you need some equipment. The easiest way to get the equipment you need is the stonehelm equipment starter pack for wine.

Sugar Required Kits

  • Bards
  • Butler
  • Carafe 21
  • CWE
  • Duty Free
  • Favourite
  • Grande Maison
  • Solomon Grundy
  • Solvino
  • Unican
  • Vigneron
  • Vinamat

 No sugar required kits

Stonehelm Recomended Range  = Stonehelm Recommended Range


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