Brupaks Pride of Yorkshire Ales

Brupaks fine Yorkshire ales are more than just beer kits. They are concentrated brewers'  worts.  Using only the finest quality 2-row malting barley and the choicest English hops, the grist is 'mashed' with water at 65°c for about one hour to convert the starches into sugar. The resultant liquid (wort) is strained off into a boiling vessel where hops are added for bitterness. After boiling, extra hops are added for flavour and aroma, the excess liquid is evaporated under vacuum, at low temperatures, and canned. All that is necessary is to dilute the concentrated wort back to its original density and ferment! Extra hops are included to restore aroma lost during production.

Of Special note is the Special Lager, that comes with a genuine branded lager yeast.

Some of the Pride of yorkshire range

 Some of the Pride of yorkshire range


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