No Sugar Required

The big distinction in both wine kits and beer kits is the divide from those that require sugar and those which do not. In the manufacturing of homebrew kits the wort (in the case of beer) is made and then solidified at low temperature under vacuum into a thick syrup, or (in the case of wine) the variety of grape juice is prepared with the same solidification process. When the customer rehydrates their beer or wine kit they have the wort or juice ready to ferment. In the case of 'no sugar' kits this is all they have to do. However, other cheaper beer or wine kits may require the addition of sugar just prior to the dilution of syrups. This is needed to make up for the lost malt or grape juice that these kits have cut back on to make them cheaper. Unfortunately, this does decrease the body and flavour of the end product and even increase the chance for the consumer of getting a hangover. No sugar kits are both the natural and traditional way of making the produce of this fascinating hobby.

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