Muntons Premium Gold

A small range of very fine beer kits from Muntons. It only has three beers in it, Smugglers Special Premium Ale, Old Conkerwood Black Ale and Midas Touch Golden Ale. With these beer kits no corner has been cut and all of them contain 3.6 kg of malt extract producing truly superb ales. Muntons Premium Gold are the most expensive beer kits on the market and once one has experienced their delight it is not hard to guess why. There is also a another beer kit known as Santa’s Winter Warmer which that is not technically in this range although it also contains 3.6 kg of malt extract and is made by Muntons.

 Here is what Muntons have to say about these beer kits:

 'Muntons Premium Gold are quite simply the finest beer kits you can buy. That's because to make them we have used authentic quality brewing ingredients and put them together as only Muntons know how. We begin by carefully selecting and malting the best English 2-row barley.Great care is taken when making our extract to ensure we retain all the malt flavour and character. To this we add a unique blend of brewing hops specially supplied by England's most renowned hop growers. To guarantee consistent brewing these kits contain our very own Premium Gold Yeast - a brewers grade yeast with superior ale making characteristics and good 'crusting' properties to brew crystal clear beer. By following our simple instruction you will produce beers which are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of maltiness, bitterness and aroma - beers which capture the round, mellow flavour of the quintessential English pub pint. One thing is for certain. Once you have experienced the satisfying taste of Muntons Premium Gold, nothing else will do.'


Muntons Premium Gold Beer Kits  

Muntons Premium Gold Range


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