Muntons Connoisseurs

 One of the better quality ranges of beer kits. ( requires added sugar ) Here is what muntons say.

quote The Muntons Connoisseurs Range has been formulated to brew strong beers emulating beer styles from around the world.

Each Beer kit contains 1.8kg of 100% hopped malt extract - and in common with all Muntons beer kits, no cheap barley syrup is used in their manufacture. With the Connoisseurs range you will be able to experience taste sensations including Wheat Beer modelled on the best German Weizen style beers, Bock - the distinctive dark lager of Bavaria, Export Stout - a classic full-bodied hoppy stout and a wide range of other style beers.

The Connoisseurs range offers the home beer-maker the chance to make premium strength beers. Excellent value! quote

Muntons Connoisseurs Range

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