The Grainfather

The grainfather is an all in one fullmash brewing setup that incorporates a recirculating mashtun with removable grain basket and digital temperature control, 2 Kw boiler, and a counterflow chiller, made from 304 stainless steel. This comes together as one unit, effective and user friendly, allowing the pleasure of brewing to really flow, as hopefully does the resualtant beer.

First seen in New Zealand, then Australia this great bit of kit has finally made the long anticipated arrival to Britain in 2015.

Key features

digital control panel

Temperature control unit
Simple to understand digital readout for peace of mind and excellent repeatability

Magnetically coupled recirculating pump
Helps maintain a steady temperature and allows the full range of brews to be created. Gives clearer wort and quicker/easier brew days.

rising grain basket

Rising grain basket
A crucial part of this all in one unit. Instead of separating the wort form the spent grain the grain is removed from the wort. This allows for natural gravity sparging and still using the same container for the subsequent boil.

0.5 and 2 Kw
When brewing choose between the 2Kw option, for quickly raising temperatures to the boil, strike and sparge targets, and the 0.5Kw option to maintain and slowly adjust. `

concealed element and hop filter

Concealed element
No scorching and very efficient. The heating element is buried below the 304 stainless steel bottom of the Grainfather making sure there is no cold spots and a unified roll to the boil.

Hop filter
Throw in your hops loose, and let them tumble, whirl and mix in best they can. When it comes to emptying, they will all be left behind thanks to the stainless steel hop filter.

counterflow wort chiller

Counterflow chiller
And finally before the fermenter let your brew take a single pass through the heat exchanger to welcome the yeast at the perfect temperature.

Which adds up to...
Great wort in minal space and effort. Add some yeast, time to ferment and your well on the road to world class beer!

The GrainFather is one of the smartest, smallest footprint, and easy to use once piece home breweries on the planet. Get yours today!

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