How to bottle, and present wine.

  Wine Bottle  

So you've worked hard on your wine and its now sparkling bright, shineing tantilizingly in your carboy. You just know your onto a winner here but how can you present it profesonally, and protect it as it ages and mellows into that master wine you've always wanted to make?

The first thing is obvoius, you need wine bottles. You can use wine bottles time and time again, only stopping when you manage to drop one, or give it away.

You can use the bottles from wine you've bought, or get new ones from Stonehelm. The andvantage of new bottles is that your collection will have a nice standard height, and your batches will look realy professional when finished. The other advantage is you dont have to struggle to get off the lables of the old bottles (the hardest part of useing old bottles)


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