Advanced Alpha Acid Calculator

Example 2


A recipe calls for 13g of Target at 11.4%, 7g of Challenger at 7.6% and 7g of Northdown at 8.3% alpha acid.

You are happy with the level of bitterness in the recipe but wish to make a radical change of hop choice.

Instead of Target, Challenger and Northdown you would like to try Styrian Goldings and Northdown.

You decide to leave the Northdown at the same level and replace the Target and Challenger entirely with Styrian Goldings (at 5% alpha acid).

But with the alpha acids all over the place how much do you need to put in?


Use the Advanced Alpha Acid Calculator

Fill in the facts that you know.

For the Target 11.4 and 13 go into the 'Original Alpha Acid' and 'Original Weight' boxes.

But there is still the Challenger hop to be replaced.

Click the 'Add Original Hop' button.

Now add 7.6 and 7 in the new boxes for the Challenger hops.

Enter the Styrian Golding alpha acid (5) into the last 'Alpha Acid' box.

Click the 'Calculate' button.


The weight for the Styrian Goldings fills itself in telling us we need a fraction over 40g to make up for the bitterness of the Target and Challenger.



Advanced alpha acid calculator example 2