Homebrew Starter Kits

If you are keen to start brewing but do not have any kit then consider one of the all-in-one options below. With their thorough instructions they are perfect for beginners. They are all encompassing so you just need the one box and you’re off, making them a great choice of present for anyone you would like to introduce to this fascinating hobby.

Wine Making Starter Kit

Stonehelm Deluxe Wine Making Starter Kit: Merlot
Deluxe Wine Making Starter Kit: Merlot
Everything included to make six bottles of your own wine. - Just add water -

It comes fully boxed and has everything included inside to make six bottles of Merlot (an easy drinking red). No previous equipment or experience is required, just add water. It is literally a one box solution.

Has comprehensive, illustrated, easy to follow instructions. All the equipment is reusable. Just purchase another wine kit to make your next six bottles. Any 1 gallon kit works. We recommend, as comes with this pack, the California Connoisseur's pure varietal grape wines. (See full available range)

It is a perfect gift and an extremely satisfying introduction to wine making.
Ritchie Hedgerow Wine Kit (30 bottle) 30 bottle
Hedgerow Wine Kit (30 bottle)
Includes all the instructions and chemicals required to make many country wines. Just add fruit, sugar and water.
Capacity: 30 bottle


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