Muntons Hand Crafted Smugglers Special Ale

Muntons Hand Crafted Smugglers Special  Ale Beer Kit 3.6 kg
Muntons Hand Crafted
Smugglers Special Ale (2660)
The craggy, rocky coastline of the southern coast of England provided the ideal cover for smugglers to hide their contraband to shore. At twilight or dawn they would row from ships to caves in quiet bays to unload hauls of liquor, fine food, and untold riches from far-flung shores. Concealed for months, sometimes years, the smuggler would return to distribute his booty to an all-too-eager market. Inspired by the charm and tastes of this earlier age, Smugglers Special Premium Ale is a light, malty beer made with choice aromatic and bittering hops combined with the finest English 2-row premium ale malt. Darker than Midas Touch, Smugglers Premium is smooth and perfectly balanced with a delightful, malty aftertaste. Make this delicious brew your best kept secret - keep it well hidden!
Net Weight: 3.6 kg Capacity: 40 pt
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